Foundation Training

‘The way we live and move in our bodies is fundamental to our overall sense of wellness’ - Dr Eric Goodman.

With the convenience and comforts of our modern lifestyles, we are sitting more and moving less. Foundation Training is an effective solution for offsetting the negative effects of spending our lives sitting hunched over screens, steering wheels and phones, activities which tend to weaken our bodies leaving us vulnerable to unnecessary pain and risk of injury.

Foundation Training is a movement practice designed to teach the body to properly support itself and move as nature intended; it is a series of body weight exercises that effectively retrain the body to utilize the power of the posterior muscle chain, and correct destructive movement patterns and postures that our bodies adopt due to heavily seated lifestyles.

How can Foundation Training help me?

The improvements in muscular strength, flexibility, balance, and power to be gained from Foundation Training are staggering, and by practising these exercises you will improve performance in any given activity from running and cycling to golf, athletics, football, and gym work.

People wanting to perform better in their chosen leisure pursuits, as well as leading sportspeople and athletes worldwide, are now making Foundation Training an essential part of their fitness programmes. It is also an effective and sustainable tool for chronic back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and a must for office workers. Foundation Training will change the way you sit, stand, breathe and move. As the body relearns how to move properly, the frame gets stronger and pain decreases.

Dr Eric Goodman

Dr Eric Goodman is a chiropractor and movement expert, living in the United States, who developed Foundation Training to heal his own chronic back pain and avoid surgery for multiple disc herniations. He and his growing team of instructors have helped transform the lives of thousands of people suffering from mild to severe back, hip, knee, shoulder, neck pain, and go from pain to performance. Hear Eric talk about Foundation Training in the 3 videos below:

Foundation Training is for Everyone

Foundation Training is for Everyone

Foundation Training can be done anywhere, indoors or outside, and at any time of the day. No gym or equipment is required. You and your body’s weight is all that is needed. In as little as 10-15 minutes a day, you can very quickly begin to feel the benefits of Foundation Training on your body and general health. Most people begin to feel benefits incredibly quickly. Whatever your age or fitness level, Foundation Training can meet you ‘where you’re at’ as the exercises are easily adaptable to your individual health and fitness goals.

‘Explore and Learn Foundation Training’ workshops are held throughout the year. Private one-to-one sessions and small group classes (maximum of 3 people) are currently held at our Niton studio.

Clare is the sole certified instructor of Foundation Training on the Isle of Wight. Please telephone Clare at Island bodyworks for booking a private appointment, class or workshop. For further information on Foundation Training, please follow the link Foundation Training.