Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the most common asked questions.

Your first appointment will begin with an initial consultation to discuss your treatment needs, problem areas, general health/medical history, lifestyle and goals for your treatment. You will be asked to complete a short health questionnaire. Your range of movement will be tested and your general posture assessed. Assessment is ongoing during further treatment and informs a tailor-made treatment plan for you that evolves with each visit. Treatment is outcome-based, and is typically focused on reducing pain and tension, improving movement and regaining strength.

Please wear loose clothing to your appointment and be prepared to undress to your underwear. There are changing facilities at our studio so you can bring shorts and t-shirt to change into. Tight sportswear is best avoided as it can restrict treatment.

There is ample private parking outside our treatment studio in Niton.

People can feel very different after a treatment. Often you will feel energized and relaxed; occasionally people feel tired and a little ‘zoned out’. It is important that you avoid very strenuous activities following a treatment and try to take things easier that day, including drinking more water to improve your hydration levels. Following deep tissue massage, the area worked on may feel a little sore and achy for a day or two although this will ease with your body’s movement.

If you are unable to make an appointment, please call or text to give us at least 24 hours’ notice.  The more notice you provide, the more chance we will have to offer your appointment to another client. In the event of you needing to cancel, we will always aim to offer you an early alternative appointment time.