Clinical Sports Massage

Clinical sports massage is an effective tool for sportspeople and athletes to use to support their training goals. Sports massage can help your body function well during training and pre-event work, prepare your body for optimal performance during a race or competition, as well as aiding its recovery post-event. Sports massage emphasizes prevention of injuries to the muscles and tendons, working to reduce restrictions of joint and soft tissue range of motion.

How can Clinical Sports Massage help me?

Regular sports massage can promote flexibility and reduce fatigue, thus helping prevent injury and preparing the body and mind for optimal performance.

General massage techniques applied during Sports massage can help stimulate circulation of the blood and lymph fluids, whilst deeper techniques can help to break down the formation of scar tissue and adhesions in the muscles. Stretching techniques will assist in increasing range of motion. Sports massage therapy is geared toward sporting people of every kind, from serious athletes to weekend joggers.

As well as rigid taping and compression, we use RockTape™, the leading brand of kinesiology tape, to treat post-acute sporting injuries to help reduce tissue swelling, alleviate pain and stiffness, and the delay of muscle fatigue and spasm. When applied with more stretch, RockTape™ provides dynamic support to areas where tissue has been torn, strained or weakened, thus making it an effective treatment for injuries such as ankle sprains, Achilles tendon problems, and Runner's knee.